Empowering Women Empowers the Community

Participating in the Kendua nutrition-focused agriculture program has given Asma numerous ways to improve her family’s income and health.  She was a child bride – married at 12 – and now has three children.  She and her husband, Abdule, have always depended on agriculture for their livelihood, but only used to grow rice. Their health and finances have been poor – until now.

The couple is using organic pesticides and composting to increase their yields and lower their farming costs. Organic practices also improve taste and nutrients and strengthen food safety. Asma joined a 20-member women’s group offered by local partner SATHI. In addition to receiving training on kitchen gardening, making compost, and learning to manage their finances, the women save money together. Asma started selling some of her vegetables and, with a small loan from the group, opened a small grocery business in her home. She soon earned enough to pay back the loan, expand the grocery, and begin raising chickens.

Says Asma, “We are eating eggs, meat and vegetables now, not just rice. Having our own kitchen garden means we don’t have to buy vegetables in the market, and we’ve learned a lot about nutrition through lessons and activities.”

She has motivated other women to start kitchen gardens and raise poultry.  She hopes that her village might become a model for others to emulate. And Asma is able to send her children to school now.

She says, “Empowerment through training can lead a woman to live with her dignity and respect in the community. Being a woman isn’t a curse, but a great blessing for any society. SATHI is a miracle for poor people like us. We have many options for a better life because of their support.”

Thanks to Your Support and Generosity

  • Vegetable consumption in the program area has increased dramatically, from 42% to 94%
  • Overall nutrition has improved, with a noticeable decrease in malnutrition among young children
  • Model farmers are having a positive impact in their communities by sharing their skills with others

Bangladesh Kendua Program
Led by World Renew and Local Partner SATHI

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