My Charity of Choice

“Traveling with Growing Hope Globally to Guatemala was an eye-opening experience for me on so many levels.  I’m from Mexico City, but I had never seen this type of extreme poverty before.  There are many people suffering from poverty in the city, but they have more access to resources and can usually find food.  However, the indigenous populations we visited in rural Guatemala – they might have basic shelter, but there is no food or sanitation.  Hunger is a very real problem for them.

I was impressed and very pleased with the Growing Hope Globally-supported work we saw.  It made me realize that we can have a very real impact if we do things the RIGHT way.  These programs are generational and long-lasting!  The people have to work very hard to grow their food, but they take such pride and joy in it.

After this trip, my husband and I decided Growing Hope Globally is the charity of our choice.  I hesitate to give to nonprofits because I’m not sure where the money will go.  But after seeing the impact our funds are making with my own eyes, I have no hesitation about supporting Growing Hope Globally.  We are making a difference!”

– Cristina Jones, Growing Hope Globally Supporter