Haiti Haiti Mole St Nicolas


$25,820 needed of $75,000

Implementing Organization

Church World Service (CWS)

Program Summary

Growing Hope Globally and Church World Service have partnered together for several years to support families in the Northwest Department of Haiti.  The Northwest is one of the most food insecure areas in Haiti. Due to the lack of paved roads, there are few nonprofits working there to support families as they face the challenges of both frequent droughts,  and hurricanes.  Growing Hope Globally and Church World Service are now partnering with GRADAID to work in three communities.

The program will support a range of livelihood initiatives, working with fishing, coffee cultivation, and vegetable production for markets.

Fishery management will help families to better take advantage of the natural resources available in their communities and surrounding areas.  Fishermen are currently unable to travel beyond the waves to fish in their small boats.  As a result, small fish are being overharvested and are not able to reproduce.  By supporting a local fishing association with training on fishery management and providing them with a motor, families will be able to better manage their resources and catch fish that have a greater market value.

In addition to livelihoods, this program will improve a natural spring that is located 1,000 feet inside of a cave.  Pumping the water out of the cave will allow families to more easily use the fresh water for consumption and gardening.