Haiti Haiti Northwest


$67,842 needed of $150,000

Implementing Organization

Church World Service (CWS)

Program Summary

Haiti’s Northwest department is one of the poorest and most food insecure departments in a country known for it’s challenges.
In this desperate situation families and communities have united, pooling their limited savings to create opportunities for themselves and their children. Church World Service’s partner, SKDE, supports community-led cooperatives through capacity building and agricultural training. Capacity building helps local leaders better manage the savings and micro-lending of the cooperatives and helps cooperative leadership to identify new opportunities for supporting small business. The agricultural training helps families to grow more food and reduce the risks that they face from drought and hurricanes.

Success Stories

Sturdy Construction, Risk Reduction

When natural disaster strikes and homes and crops get damaged or destroyed, Haitian farmers often have to resort to eating the seed they’d saved for the next planting season or sell off any surviving livestock to pay expenses.  Both lead to more hunger in the months following the catastrophe. To improve their level of preparedness, members of all nine farmer cooperatives received training in managing risks and building sturdy homes, latrines and animal enclosures.

Having a sound plan and strong structures reduces loss of life and serves to strengthen food security in the face of Haiti’s frequent hurricanes, floods and earthquakes. When people understand and follow the building code they’re more able to withstand the country’s inevitable emergencies without having to start over again each time. One cooperative member said, “I give God thanks because this training protects people’s lives.”

People generally build their own homes, mud-and-stick structures without foundations, so the training sessions start by reviewing the need for digging a foundation, using rebar, and mixing cement to form concrete blocks. The co-ops buy materials in bulk to lower the cost to members, and offer loans and discounts as well, to encourage participation. When families are ready to build, engineers from Church World Service are there to supervise.

Roger, another coop member, said, “Now we don’t need to be afraid anymore, with the work the engineers do.”

Photo caption: Explaining reinforced concrete construction

Haiti Northwest Program
Led by Church World Service and SKDE
10 communities, 6,000 households, 21,000 individuals