Haiti Haiti Tè ak Bèt (Soil and Livestock)

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Implementing Organization

Church of the Brethren - GFI

Program Summary

The Haiti Tè ak Bèt program supports the needs of families from 10 different communities across the eastern half of Haiti. The goal of this program is helping vulnerable families improve their livelihoods by improving soil fertility, reducing soil erosion, and working on small livestock projects. This program is done in coordination with other work by the Church of the Brethren that addresses wider community needs such as health and sanitation. The agricultural component being supported by Growing Hope Globally is improving food security by increasing food availability and food access through higher yields and better incomes. The work on soil fertility and soil erosion is accomplished through trainings and community organizing. Each field is worked using the gwoupma system common in Haiti, where all members of the group work in one field each day until all fields are improved. The livestock component will be managed using a “pass on the gift” model, where each family that receives an animal will pass the offspring of that animal on to their neighbors.