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World Renew

Program Summary

The Magarini program builds on a similar program which was implemented in a neighboring area through the Growing Hope Globally funding. The program area is particularly prone to flooding, so communities are working to analyze their own development priorities and risks from flooding and develop and implement their own action plans to address those needs. The program is also establishing Farmer Field Schools where farmers learn methods for managing and conserving soil, water and forest resources, while also being introduced to more nutritious crops and improved post harvest management methods. Communities are being linked to Ministry of Agriculture extension services and other supports for small scale irrigation and water resource management. Some of the poorest households in the community are being trained and provided with resources to raise chickens using a basket rearing system. The community is also improving their sanitation and access to potable water through the use of community-led total sanitation.

Success Stories

Villagers’ Own Financial Institution Empowers Small Business Owners

How did Mrs. Kache get to be known as “The business lady from Kadongoleni Village?” She tells her story:

“I am very grateful for all the help I’ve received in unleashing my potential. When our village started its own finance association two years ago, I joined so I could start saving money to assist my husband with household expenses. He is a farmer, and also works as a day laborer on other people’s farms. Money is tight.  We have two children in secondary school and four in primary, and even with support from the government we couldn’t make ends meet.

“I decided to open a small bakery business. With my first loan, I bought the equipment I needed to make buns and sell them from my home.  When I started receiving orders from two hotels in Garashi Centre, the nearby city, I realized I had a full-fledged business. This allowed me to repay my loan very quickly.

“I took out another loan to grow the business by providing other items like salt, tea, coconut, and sometimes flour in addition to the buns I sold from home. Since then, I have been able to pay for my children’s secondary school education and cover other basic needs at home. My hope now is to borrow enough to build a kiosk to sell buns at the Garashi Trading Centre. That market is much larger than the one in my village.”

Caption: Mrs. Kache (in doorway) and her home bakery and grocery business

Kenya Magarini Program
Led by World Renew and Local Partner ADS Pwani