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Our FREE Global Food Security Challenge Curriculum meets school-based SAE requirements and helps your students make a difference in the world.

With this new curriculum, you will help your students examine world hunger and poverty in a meaningful way. The Global Food Security Challenge offers a community-based project that meets new school-based Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) requirements and helps your students make a difference in the world. Developed by Melanie Bloom of the ABN Educational Consulting Group, the curriculum has three flexible modules that give students a greater understanding of the root causes of hunger and poverty in rural areas in the developing world.

Our curriculum and SAE are modeled after a service learning project used by an Ag Educator in a Pennsylvania high school. Growing Hope brought visitors to the school from the overseas programs the students chose to provide ag training support for. It was an amazing experience for the students to hear first-hand what their support meant to the people there and the difference it made in their families’ nutrition, health and well-being.

Thanks to our partnership with the World Food Prize this FREE resource is available to download below.

Flexible, Interdisciplinary Modules

Written by teachers for teachers, the curriculum includes three modules to choose from, to fit your needs:

Module 1: Examine Poverty and Hunger

Fosters understanding of the reality and implications of global hunger by exploring poverty and how it impacts all aspects of life and society.

Module 2: Compare Assistance and Sustainability

Evaluates food assistance programs and what it takes to build sustainable solutions to poverty and hunger.

Module 3: Investigate and Activate


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