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We’re Never Done Learning

September 21, 2021

Until local partner ADIP offered training in soil conservation, Zacarías thought he’d learned everything there was to know about farming … and that it wasn’t getting any better. His parents had taught him traditional farming and he’d done what they’d shown him for many years. But then he started noticing that the land he inherited […]

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Poultry and Produce To Go!

Restrictions during COVID have prompted an innovation that makes the future look brighter for participating farmers: collective sales of produce. This successful program involves 196 advanced farmers, more than half of whom are women, divided into nine groups of between 10 and 35 each. Seven Community Agriculture Business Advisors (CABAs) provide regular coaching and share […]

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No Contest: Conservation Agriculture’s the Winner!

Monday, the chairman of one of the program’s farmers’ associations, says that, “Before [local partner] P.A.G. trained us in Conservation Agriculture we would go to our local markets and buy the Irish potato seeds that were available there. We would get low yields because we didn’t have the necessary knowledge or skills, and the quality […]

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A Fresh Outlook for Francis

You might hardly recognize Francis if you’d known him before he joined the program. He is now a successful farmer and president of his Farmers Group, but he and his family previously lived a hand-to-mouth existence and were at a loss as to how to get ahead. When he got wind of opportunities to learn […]

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Common Ground seeks funds for match opportunity

ALBION — Hunger affects 811 million people around the world, but a group of Noble County residents has been working to do something about it. Common Ground Growing Project is inviting Noble County residents to join the project in making a lasting difference. This year, a generous donor is matching all gifts to Common Ground […]

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Working the Land Using Old Ways and New

September 16, 2021

Pepe appreciates the value of the varied techniques he’s learned as part of the agroecological approach to farming promoted by local partner GRADAID. The program builds on his own lifetime experience and retains some of the best aspects of community life while inspiring everyone with ways to adjust to changing realities. “I am a farmer,” […]

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Veterinary Care Takes Off in Jean Rabel

September 10, 2021

As a veterinarian and member of local partner AGEHPMDNG, Erick facilitates training sessions to improve and sustain local livestock health and value. The workshops cover animal breeding and health, when to call a vet based on what symptoms, and the importance of animals. Says Erick, “Many people used to think in terms only of animals […]

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Organization connects U.S. agriculturists with overseas food security projects

September 9, 2021

A lot of us come from small towns—where there’s maybe one stoplight (if even that), a lot of dogs and a good amount of good people. Our small towns in Kansas see community involvement with fairs, church activities and school support. Sometimes, the efforts made in small towns by small-town folks even go worldwide—and one […]

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Growing Hope Globally SAE Grant

August 26, 2021

Growing Hope Globally is launching the SAE grant fund to boost the efforts of FFA chapters who are making a lasting difference through a community Growing Project. The International Agricultural Development curriculum gives students the opportunity to learn about global hunger and explore how they can make a difference. The curriculum culminates in a community […]

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Sunflowers for a cause near Hecker

On Route 156 near Hecker, passers-by admire four acres of sunflowers lining the road. Now, the family farm is harnessing the flowers’ beauty to make a difference across the world.  Dale and Kay Haudrich, owners of the farm, are part of Growing Hope Globally, a non-denominational organization that seeks to create sustainable solutions to end […]

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