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A Lasting Impact Part 3: Honduras Nueva Frontera

June 15, 2021

The Honduras Nueva Frontera program began in 2008 with local partner CASM. Over the years the program has served more than 10,000 people in more than 40 communities. It continues in its third phase as the Honduras Macuelizo program. Wilmer began participating in the program during the first year.  He was an eager learner and quickly implemented everything that he was taught, becoming a master farmer. He was particularly inspired by what he learned about grafting, and became very skilled at it. He began grafting…

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A Lasting Impact Part 2: Kenya Machackos

May 25, 2021

  The Kenya Machackos program began in 2003 and continued until 2010 with World Renew and local partner NACODEV under the leadership of Pastor Cosmas Mwanzia. At the outset, the communities in this semi-arid region were dealing with chronic food and water shortages. Women were walking up to 20 miles for water. The program began with the community assessing their own resources and needs through participatory rural appraisal. They formed a plan and got to work. The farmers began meeting twice a month. They established…

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A Lasting Impact Part 1: India Patharkhmah

May 10, 2021

At Growing Hope Globally, we know that the food security programs we support are effective catalysts of change. We regularly share updates about the immediate difference they are making in participants’ lives. However, we don’t often get to share what continues to happen years later – how those who have been impacted by these programs continue to grow and bring change to their communities. We recently caught up with participants from a few of our past programs. Over the next several weeks, we will be…

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Iowa church sows seeds of hope through longtime partnership

June 10, 2021

Almost 20 years ago, some members of First Presbyterian Church in Conrad, Iowa, heard a presentation about a program in which U.S. farmers and churches team up to raise money to help subsistence farmers in various parts of the world. Arlyn Schipper, a member who also happens to be a farmer, “looked at me after the meeting […]

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A Little Advice Goes A Long Way

June 3, 2021

At a recent gathering called a “sharing meeting,” a woman named Banyua related how her animal husbandry business experienced a complete turnaround with the help of a Household Advisor.  These Advisors are elected by their communities to receive training on important topics like agriculture, income generation, savings groups, health, and family responsibilities. They go on […]

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A Smaller World, A Bigger Family

May 26, 2021

Murray Johnson is pleased that his family’s fifth generation farm is able to benefit other farmers around the world.  The Johnson family lives in Western Springs, IL, but also owns Hilltop Farm in Chillicothe, OH.  They are members of First Congregational Church of Western Springs. The church has been a long- time supporter of Growing […]

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Calamities Recede Thanks to Vegetable Farming

May 17, 2021

Out from under a pile of debt thanks to his successful vegetable farming operations, Mr. Khurkun is a happy man. As often happens with people of slender means, one calamity followed another in his life. A while back, he lost most of the land he farmed when the government built an irrigation canal. What was […]

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Savings Groups Meet with Success

Last year Gladis attended – with skepticism – a meeting about Savings and Internal Lending Communities (SILC) supported by local partner Fundación San Lucas. This year, after seeing what her SILC allowed her to accomplish, that skepticism is gone. “It has been a wonderful experience,” she says, “and there are lots of women and men […]

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Leadership During Hard Times

May 14, 2021

During the pandemic, Nelson, president of a youth group called Youth United for the Development of the Community of El Batey, learned that “A true entrepreneur shows leadership during hard times.” At the start of 2020, Nelson had been studying mathematics at the university and attending a finance and accounting course at his government´s vocational […]

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Commercial Farming Finally Pays Off

May 3, 2021

Before Ram became involved in the program, farming was a losing proposition for him no matter how hard he worked. “I faced problems with flooding, drought, cold spells, and marketing, and was thinking about leaving this occupation.” When he came into contact with field staff from local partner SAHAMATI, he was relieved to learn that […]

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A True Success Story

As the program ends and our longtime partner CEFA continues under local leadership, Growing Hope and Covenant World Relief & Development look back on 18 wonderful years of collaboration with the communities of Gamboula, located in Central African Republic’s extreme southwest on the Cameroon border. In the early days, the CEFA was one of the […]

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