make a Global difference With Your FFA SAE Project!


FFA SAE For All Career Kit

Learn about International Agricultural Development with the SAE For All Career Kit

The kit includes classroom curriculum as well as ideas for your SAE agricultural project.

You can become part of the solution to world hunger while you are still in high school!


What Will Your Growing Project Look like?

Start with these examples and figure out what will work best in your community!


FFA SAE Agricultural Project Ideas - Field CropsField Crop Growing Project

Do you live in a rural community? As part of a Field Crop Growing Project you will connect with farmers, agribusinesses, and other groups in your community to grow and sell corn, soybeans, wheat or other field crops.




FFA SAE Agricultural Project Ideas - Specialty Crops or ProductsSpecialty Crop or Product Growing Project

Does your community have orchards, maple trees or bees?  Maybe a specialty crop or product Growing Project is for you.  Other groups have had success with maple syrup, honey, almonds, popcorn, olive oil, and sweet corn. Consider the resources you have and let your imagination soar.

Specialty Crop or Product GROWING PROJECT EXAMPLE



FFA SAE Agricultural Project Ideas - Farmers MarketFarmers Market Growing Project

Do you live in an urban area?  A Farmers Market Growing Project might be the right fit for you.  Connect with both vendors and customers in your community to raise funds for global food security.




FFA SAE Agricultural Project Ideas - Dairy and Livestock

Dairy or Livestock Growing Project

Do you have milk or meat producers in your community?  A Dairy or Livestock Growing Project could be a great fit.  Get farmers and their vendors engaged in the project and encourage others in your community to contribute by “sponsoring” the animals.  It can be a great opportunity to help the community learn where their food comes from too.



Get to Know Growing Hope Events

Want to learn more about how to start a Growing Project in your area?  Join an online conversation at one of our upcoming “Get to Know Growing Hope Events”.


Grant Opportunities

Your chapter may want to explore the possibility of applying for grant funds to support your project.  Check out the current opportunities at ffa.org. Make sure to be aware of local opportunities as well.

FFA in Action

A Passion for Helping Others

The Belmond-Klemme FFA chapter in North Central Iowa has always been dedicated to helping others. But they are particularly excited about the opportunity to get involved with Growing Hope Globally for the first time this year.

“Last year we did a school-wide meal packing event,” FFA member Lauren Crawford said. “Hunger is a huge problem in our world. While things like meal packaging are great, they are not a long-term solution. It’s like putting a Band-Aid on a deep cut. When I heard about Growing Hope, I realized that I had a chance to be a part of a long-term solution to this problem. Our chapter has a passion for helping others, whether it be in our own community or halfway across the world. Growing Hope is a way for us to pursue this passion. It allows us to see that even though we are one chapter from a small town we can make a huge impact.”

This year the Belmond-Klemme FFA chapter is involved in a community Growing Project for the first time. They began by tapping into some of their existing connections. Former FFA members Craig and Kim Berhow and their family donated the use of 17 acres of land for the project. Lauren invited her parents, Matt and Brandy Crawford, to donate their time and the use of their equipment for working the ground, planting, and harvesting. The group also secured a donation of seed from their local Dekalb/Asgrow dealer and chemicals from AgVantage FS.

The students were determined to get started despite the challenges that came with COVID-19. FFA Advisor Debbie Barkela said: “It was definitely the students that motivated me to do this project. I was very skeptical that we would get everything to move forward, but Lauren was determined that we would be able to complete this even during the social distancing. These students really enjoy and have a deep passion for helping others.”

When the crop is harvested and sold in the fall, the students will determine which program they want to support. They are excited about the lasting impact their efforts will have on communities around the world. FFA member Emma Carlson said, “Since everybody in our chapter has all these opportunities, we should be helping other people do the same things we can do.”

Need Additional Support?

The Growing Hope Globally team is happy to help you get your project started.  Just fill in the information below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

More Resources FOR FFA Advisors and Teachers


Global Food Security Challenge Curriculum

This free curriculum meets school-based SAE requirements and encourages students to make a difference in the world. Help your students to examine world hunger in a meaningful way.




Global Farmer Experience

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