“Traveling with Growing Hope Globally was an eye-opening experience. The indigenous populations we visited in rural Guatemala might have basic shelter, but there is no food or sanitation. Hunger is a very real problem for them. I was impressed and very pleased with the Growing Hope Globally-supported work we saw. It made me realize that we can have real impact if we do things the RIGHT way. These programs are generational and long-lasting! The people have to work very hard to grow their food, but they take such pride and joy in it. I hesitate to give to nonprofits because I’m not sure where the money will go, but after seeing the impact our funds are making with my own eyes, I have no hesitation about supporting Growing Hope Globally. We are making a difference!”
– Cristina Jones, Supporter

Our Impact

“I farm in Clinton County, IA and have been a part of Growing Hope Globally since 2005. A few years ago I had the opportunity to travel to the Dominican Republic and see firsthand the impact we’re making with the support our Growing Project donates. Meeting Juan was so inspiring; in a few years he went from being dependent on food aid to being able to sell corn to the same feeding program. He didn’t need a tractor; he just needed training on planting in rows, working with mulching and trying new planting densities. It changed his life. . .while being a part of this organization changed mine. Please join me in supporting Growing Hope.”
– Steve Witt, Elvira IA Growing Project Leader



“I’ve been involved with Growing Hope Globally for 16 years and greatly appreciate the way they work with farmers right here in Michigan to help farmers around the world. I’m particularly impressed by the sustainability of the development work they support. Their use of funds is both efficient and effective. It’s great that farmers in the US can use assets they already have to contribute in a way that it doesn’t feel like a big sacrifice, but makes a huge impact. My career in agriculture has been driven by the idea that all people deserve to have enough food and my Christian faith motivates me to do something about hunger. Please join me in supporting Growing Hope as we work together toward this important goal.”
– Burt Keefer, Huron County MI Growing Project Leader



“Previously our family ate mainly rice, not many vegetables.  My husband worked as a day laborer. A few years ago, I joined the savings group as part of the program and, in addition to savings and lending, we learned about nutrition and growing vegetables. Now I know what to grow at certain times of the year and carefully plan my crops so we have a balanced diet year-round. Now I am a woman and a farmer.  This has been a huge change for me and for our culture! My husband still works as a day laborer to add to our income, but I am using some of my income to send the kids to school and I am hoping to expand our farm as well”.

– Nazma, Bangladesh Kendua Program



“I live in the small village of Llano Alto.  It is a hot and arid place, so farming has always been a real challenge.  We only receive drinking water once a week, so there isn’t water available for irrigating crops.  I give thanks to the program because they helped me change my mentality and encouraged me to experiment with new crops like herbs and ground nuts that need less water and have a better price at market.  After eight months I was convinced and focused all of my efforts on growing crops to sell in town.  We’re doing so well now that we are able to build a nice home for our family, with cement walls and floors and a good roof”.

– Eucario, Mexico Chiapas Ocosingo Program