The HEart of Our Impact

Growing Projects are community groups including farmers, agribusinesses, churches, civic groups and others who come together around the common cause of helping people who struggle with hunger. Together they grow crops, raise animals or do other activities to generate funds. The whole community has the opportunity to get involved. Farmers till the land or raise the animals while businesses, churches and individuals cover the input and land costs so that, when sold, the entire profit can be used to support the Growing Hope program(s) of their choice. With each one doing their part, the impact is multiplied beyond what any individual could do on their own!

Here is what some of our Growing Project participants have to say:

“I farm in Grundy County, IA and have been a part of Growing Hope Globally since 2003. I’ve always felt like I’ve been tremendously blessed in my life. Growing Hope lets me give back to those who haven’t been as fortunate. Over the years I have traveled and seen the folks who are a part of the programs and have seen the difference it makes in their lives. Some of them have visited me here on my farm and shared stories of how things are improving for them. It gives me so much peace knowing that I’ve been able to make a difference in the world.”
– Arlyn Schipper, Conrad IA Growing Project



“I support Growing Hope because it is so much more fulfilling than putting a check in the mail. I plant and harvest the crops from a 12-acre farm and contribute the proceeds. There are many others in our area who contribute by farming or donating inputs. By working together we make a big impact in the lives of hungry people. This is something we feel a clear call from God to do. Farming is my passion and I love sharing it with other people around the world, even if they are farming with a shovel and a hoe instead of a planter and a tractor. It’s a unique way of helping people help themselves.”
– Jim Elwell, Climax MI Growing Project




“It hasn’t been possible for me to be a missionary overseas, but this allows me to serve right where I am and help others.”
-LaRaine Salmon, Moline, MI Growing Project







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