A Bridge to a Better Life

Cyprian feels as though this program was specifically designed with him in mind, since every new practice he learns meets a need and allows him to improve his farming results.

After a land dispute with his family, he’d ended up with a tiny 1/8-acre plot of land, too small to support his wife and children with. Shortly afterward he learned about the program and joined a Farmer Field School and a Village Savings and Lending Association (VSLA). He received training in a variety of conservation agriculture techniques that would allow him to produce crops even during drought conditions.

When Cyprian obtained a loan from his VSLA he used it to lease an acre of land. He did not till it so the soil could retain moisture & fertility. He planted half of it in maize and the other in millet, and mulched. He was astonished to harvest 660 lbs. of maize and 880 lbs. of millet, “More than enough for my family.” He followed good practices for storage, and has been selling his excess to pay back the loan, buy household staples and meet other obligations.

He discovered that raising chickens was a good fit for his small operations. He built a chicken coop and acquired a couple of improved chickens after learning that the local variety was subject to diseases. He couldn’t believe the fast growth rate of the improved breeds, and is planning on increasing his production from 27 to more than 100 birds. The family’s health has improved thanks to the dietary diversity from the meat and eggs as well as the vegetables they grow in their kitchen garden.

In short, Cyprian thinks of this program as “A bridge, and we will surely cross to a better life with it.”

Kenya Igembe Program
Led by World Renew and Local Partner Anglican Development Services – Mt. Kenya East

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