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Growing Projects are community groups including farmers, agribusinesses, churches, civic groups and others who come together around the common cause of helping hungry people. Together they grow crops, raise animals or do other activities to generate funds. The whole community has the opportunity to get involved. Farmers till the land or raise the animals while businesses, churches and individuals cover the input and land costs so that, when sold, the entire profit can be used to support the Growing Hope program(s) of their choice. With each one doing their part, the impact is multiplied beyond what any individual could do on their own!


How A Growing Project Works

Growing Hope’s unique model provides a way for U.S. farmers, agribusinesses, churches and communities to make
a difference around the world. Our volunteer-led community Growing Projects work together to raise money by
growing crops, and Growing Hope uses the proceeds to fund overseas agricultural development programs.

Growing Projects bring communities together to raise funds and awareness for World Hunger.

They often generate 4-5x the value of initial donations.

Additional fundraisers such as corn roasts, auctions, dinner events, bike rides and 5k races can be held.


Want to get involved or learn more?

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Rachel Conley Michigan, Indiana
rachel@growinghopeglobally.org   888.276.4372 ext. 704

Ron DeWeerd Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Minnesota
ron@growinghopeglobally.org   888.276.4372 ext. 712

Max Finberg Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, California, Oregon, Washington
max@growinghopeglobally.org   888.276.4372 ext. 705

Eric Mattson Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Florida
eric@growinghopeglobally.org   888.276.4372 ext. 709

Alex Morse Kansas, Ohio, Other States
alex@growinghopeglobally.org   888.276.4372 ext. 714


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