A Flood Washed Away a Village, But Not Their Dreams

Finding Hope In Unexpected Places

This spring, the worst flood of the century swept through the community of Magarini in Eastern Kenya, where families have worked for years to end their struggle with hunger and improve their lives. Homes were washed away. Entire fields were lost, buried in sand. With their homes destroyed, 90% of families had to move into tents.

But hope was not lost. Even in the midst of severe challenges and disappointments, the men and women in this community are holding on to their dignity. They are leaning into the lessons learned through the training they received and salvaging what they can. A new piece of land was rented where corn has already been planted and a seedling nursery established. Soil is being prepared for other marketable crops such as peppers and eggplants. The Village Savings and Loan groups established through an earlier phase of the program carry on in the camps. With pride, they continue contributing to the group account through their regular savings. Funds gathered are used for individual loans, community projects, and family emergencies—including relief efforts.

The programs we support like this one in Kenya provide enduring hope to people whose situations could easily be seen as hopeless. Our partners are working alongside these communities in a way that leads to empowerment.

The capacity gained is never lost. Rather, it lifts them up in the face of disasters, providing resiliency and facilitating recovery and rehabilitation. In fact, the people of Magarini consider community cohesion as one of their greatest assets. They now come together as a family to help one another, knowing that their problems can be solved
when they work together.

Join us and people like the community of Magarini who come together to break the cycle of hunger and poverty. Your donation to Growing Hope Globally will make a real difference in people’s lives. When a person has the training and tools to take charge of his or her future, positive change not only happens—it lasts.

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