A Fresh Outlook for Francis

You might hardly recognize Francis if you’d known him before he joined the program. He is now a successful farmer and president of his Farmers Group, but he and his family previously lived a hand-to-mouth existence and were at a loss as to how to get ahead. When he got wind of opportunities to learn more sustainable agricultural techniques through local partner NEICORD, his outlook brightened and his family’s economic life began to change for the better.

Francis signed up for every training session he could on such topics as improved methods of cultivation like organic composting, raising pigs, SRI (System of Rice Intensification), growing fruits and vegetables via SALT (Sloping Agricultural Land Technology), and maintaining a kitchen garden close to home.

He joined a Farmers Group, and his peers soon saw his strengths and elected him president. Francis mobilizes other farmers to join and undertake the training so that they too can learn new ways and become self-reliant. He and his fellow farmers continue to enjoy the benefits of instruction on managing family finance, accessing credit, and networking with the local government entities. This enabled them to participate in a marketing program and earn more through their agricultural activities.

Not only are local families experiencing better health through more varied nutrition, they are also realizing greater profits by carefully planning their farming activities and being strategic about marketing their excess produce. They are saving money and using it to bolster their farm operations, strengthen their households, and provide for their children’s educations.

As time goes by, Francis and his group are confident that their collaborative activities will continue to revitalize the village economy. The members are now planning to sell their produce collectively through an area-wide Federation. During the second wave of COVID-19 lockdown the farmers sold locally and were able to benefit their own families and their neighbors even during these difficult times.

India Umsning Program
Led by World Renew and Local Partner NEICORD

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