A Season of Prayer For The Harvest

We all recognize that harvest comes because of our shared participation in what God is already doing. We rely on God for the sun, the rain, and for everything that he provides. And he invites us to be a part of the labor. In this season of harvest, we not only commit to the labor, but we also give thanks for how God has provided and we intercede, praying that God would meet the needs that this season brings for safety and the desire for abundance.

The work of the harvest also means something more for those involved in our Growing Projects. It means that resources will be raised to help others have the joy and dignity of harvesting their own crops, caring for their own families and communities, and being able to thank God for the bounty.

We have created a simple weekly guide for this season that we might pray with and for our current and future Growing Projects.  We hope this guide might be something you can use in your own prayer life in this season, as an opportunity to express gratitude and to invite God daily into the work of our Growing Projects, each which are committed to creating lasting solutions to hunger. You can find this simple prayer guide on our Church Resources Page or download it below. Watch our social media pages on Fridays for additional harvest prayers.

Download Prayer Guide


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