Alternative Income Sources and Peace-Building

Amid a bleak situation of country-wide political violence and drought followed by flooding, program participants in Nicaragua are finding hope through the efforts of local partner CIEETS.

Ever since protests in April led to violence and threats, roadblocks have prevented children from going to school. Since people couldn’t leave the area, supplies of staple foods and seeds for planting dwindled. “But, throughout the crisis, CIEETS has maintained communication with us, encouraging us to continue our work in spite of the trauma,” says a farmer named Iván.

Farmer Johana adds, “Without access to seeds, families planted smaller areas. There was little left to harvest from losses to drought and flooding. CIEETS is helping us start and diversify new economic initiatives that will help us make it through this crisis. We are raising poultry, selling chicken and eggs, building beehives, and processing honey for sale.”

She continues, “I am thankful for this project and also appreciate that CIEETS has been providing peace-building workshops for families in the community. I feel good about the work we are doing. Our slogan is ‘Leave the resentment behind and walk in the path of goodness.’ There is a lot of goodwill in the local churches that are supporting the different economic development activities.”

Nicaragua Mateare Carazo

Led by Church World Service and Local Partner CIEETS


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