Animals, Agriculture, and Adaptation to Change

Despite turbulent times in Haiti and the world at large since this two-year program began in November of 2019, local partner AGEHPMDNG and participants have made strides toward their goal of improving the living conditions of 500 farm families in the country’s Northwest. Political upheaval, food shortages, the arrival of COVID-19 in Haiti, persistent drought and the resulting shock to family economies notwithstanding, the dedicated agricultural technicians on staff with AGEHPMDNG have:

  • Visited all 500 families for an hourlong interview to establish a baseline of their living and farming conditions.
  • Led training sessions on soil conservation, agroecological farming, and managing disasters and risks, community-based organizations, human resources, and conflicts.
  • Created temporary employment for participants in the construction of 3,280 feet of rock walls and 8,284 feet of contour canals to control erosion on sloping land in the program area.
  • Established a tree nursery to produce 7,453 seedlings that will be distributed and transplanted.
  • Led families in installing garbage management holes to improve family health and hygiene.
  • Helped participants prepare fodder gardens and construct enclosures for animals.
  • Offered loans of seeds (lima beans and corn) and plants to strengthen agricultural production. The loans are paid back with “interest” in kind so additional farmers can benefit.

Growing Hope Globally and Church World Service have also supported AGEHPMDNG in developing and carrying out a COVID-19 response plan.

Haiti Jean Rabel Program
Led by Church World Service and Local Partner AGEHPMDNG

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