Beekeeping Knowledge Passed On

Don Adilio, an established beekeeper from a former program community, has been passing on his knowledge and expertise to others in conjunction with local partner APIDEC.

Growing Hope Globally’s partners know how useful it is to identify talented local entrepreneurs to serve as role models and trainers who can conduct learning visits for other farmers. One of the best ways to encourage participation is to invite potential farmers to listen to the experiences of their peers, view their operations, and see evidence of their accomplishments. An outstanding entrepreneur like Don Adilio is an asset to the program and the community.

APIDEC recently organized four groups of 15 people each who are interested in becoming beekeepers. Two leaders from each group were chosen by their membership to visit Adilio’s apiary and later share their learning with the others in their groups.

The eight leaders toured his farm to observe the different varieties of plants and trees Adilio has found most conducive to a successful beekeeping operation. Adilio discussed the relative merits of a bee known as Doncella and a native stingless variety called Meliponas. He showed them a number of products made with honey and explained the market and medicinal value of each.

The visit was productive, not only generating a great deal of enthusiasm among the eight participants but the remaining members of the groups back home. Adilio subsequently visited three communities to hold follow-up workshops.

Although the groups are eager to try their hand at beekeeping, they haven’t been able to get started yet due to difficulties accessing the needed materials and equipment. The global pandemic and resulting supply-chain limitations and cost increases have APIDEC looking into alternatives that are cheaper but still functional. It is critical to identify reliable suppliers in order to set the future beekeepers up with a firm foundation for achievement.

Guatemala Sayaxché Program
Led by World Renew and Local Partner APIDEC

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