Commercial Farming Finally Pays Off

Before Ram became involved in the program, farming was a losing proposition for him no matter how hard he worked. “I faced problems with flooding, drought, cold spells, and marketing, and was thinking about leaving this occupation.”

When he came into contact with field staff from local partner SAHAMATI, he was relieved to learn that they had some suggestions for his seemingly unsolvable challenges. One of the many improvements to local agriculture SAHAMATI has effected has been organizing an early flood warning system so farmers can protect themselves, their family, livestock and assets during flooding. SAHAMATI also works with farmers like Ram to analyze their problems and find practical solutions.

Ram received agriculture training focused on planting trees for erosion control, judicious use of fertilizers in conjunction with applications of composted manure, climate-smart seeds, drip irrigation, and more. Preparing an annual vegetable farming plan and making a cost analysis helped Ram to start making a profit. SAHAMATI staff continues to check in with him frequently to make sure things are going well.

Ram’s life has definitely changed for the better. He has become a model farmer in his village. Vendors come to his field to buy vegetables. His wife and parents support him in the field, and his children are enrolled in school. Says Ram with a smile, “Nowadays, young people are turning away from farming, but I now have a whole new understanding and appreciation of what it means to be a commercial farmer, thanks to this program.”

India Nepal Flood Resilience Program
Led by Lutheran World Relief and Local Partners SAHAMATI and Koshi Victim’s Society

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