Community Action Plans Prepare The Way for a Brighter Future

Kadzo, once poor and marginalized, has become a successful farmer and an esteemed member of her community after participating in every workshop and opportunity offered by the Kenya Magarini program. She’s putting money aside in her Village Savings & Lending Association to get her children through college by selling vegetables and goats, and soon she will start a poultry business.

Pauline, a mother of eight, adopted all the farming, animal husbandry, hygiene, sanitation, and savings practices she received training for. Now she manages a demonstration farm and her husband assists her with her kitchen garden, poultry, goats, rabbits, beekeeping, and marketing her produce.

At the close of the four-year program, farmers like Kadzo and Pauline and their families in the 10 communities in Magarini are better equipped to face the future. Once they assessed their challenges at the outset, identified their strengths and made an action plan, they began a variety of projects that made it easier for them to recover from devastating floods in 2018.

As Kadzo puts it, “The entire community is more united than anyone ever thought possible. No one imagined that people would be living together in harmony to assist each other in kind. I don’t feel lonely these days as I’ve built so many relationships that I’m always in company of others. God bless you for making this possible!”

Thanks to your support and generosity

  • Community efforts such as constructing roads, wells and water-retention ponds have strengthened area infrastructure and improved lives and livelihoods.
  • Overall health is better because families are building household latrines and emphasizing hand washing.
  • Community action plans in place at the time of the flooding meant that people were looking out for each other and were able to recover more quickly from the devastation.

Kenya Magarini Program
Led by World Renew and local partner ADS Pwani

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