Consider the Conservation Stewardship Program for FRB

I listened to Roger Thurow, author of the book Enough, describe the problems of people trying to survive and grow food in Kenya.  He described how our government’s foreign aid to help fund improvements to the food production system in starving countries has dropped—at one time, we provided $8 billion.  That number recently has been $1 billion.  As the problems of hunger in Africa and other parts of the world have escalated, our help has evaporated, eroded, washed away.

Below is an idea that can raise a LOT of money for FRB and FRB sponsored overseas programs.  It starts at the same place all growing projects start—with U.S. farmers.  No one will need to go ask or lobby for funding.  It uses a relatively new agricultural program that’s available to all farmers. Here’s the concept:

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