Faithful Through the Generations

On November 11, the Diocese of Belleville joined together for their annual Harvest Blessing. Parishioners from across South Central Illinois gathered to thank God for a bountiful harvest and ask for continued blessing on those engaged in agriculture.

This year’s event was hosted by the Kabat Family Farm in Scheller, IL.  The farm house and acreage has been owned and cared for by the Kabat Family since it was established in 1892.  John and Marcia Kabat, who currently reside on the farm are the fifth generation to live there and their three children are the sixth.

The family farm is not the only thing that spans the generations in the Kabat family – so does support for Growing Hope Globally!  John Kabat is the lead farmer in the Jefferson County Illinois Growing Project, which started in 2019.  Alicia Kabat, John and Marica’s Daughter, is the ag teacher at Hamilton County High School.  Her class is part of the Hamilton County Illinois Growing Project.  The students used Growing Hope’s curriculum to work on their Supervised Agriculture Experience last school year.  They were planning a plant sale for last spring, but it was disrupted by COVID.

We thank God for His faithfulness through the generations!

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