Friendly With Nature

When Martín first heard about an opportunity to farm sustainably in 2018, he instantly recognized that “this was something we needed.” The intervening years have proven him right.

He says, “I’ve always been a farmer, but the soil was worn out for crops.” With the guidance of local partner ACJ and the head of his community, he continues, “We formed a group of ten area farmers to be leaders at the Farmer Field School. Together, we learned how to cultivate the land in a way that’s friendlier with nature. Then we shared our experiences with our neighbors.”

Ever since the day Martín listened to ACJ’s initial presentation, he’s participated in all the activities they had to offer. From day one, he set aside an area to plant vegetables in, which he had never done before, because it was so difficult to get seeds where he’s from. But, with ACJ’s support, he started planting a variety of them. In addition to getting tips on growing the vegetables, he learned how to harvest and save the seeds from onions, tomatoes, sweet peppers, cucumbers and squash.

“I have been able to plant vegetables ever since,” he says, “and I no longer have to buy any to feed my family since I harvest them myself, and in a more organic way than those I can get in the market.”

His excess produce also gives him an income, as do the seeds he saves. He sold carrot seeds for the first time this year, something that no one has done in the community because they are very hard to harvest, and made a good profit off his corn and bean seeds.

Martín says, “I’ve gotten a lot of knowledge and experience, and have improved my standing in my community. This year I was elected president of our Savings and Internal Lending Community (SILC); I’m the president of the Community Seed Bank and political leader of the community; and I feel supported by everyone. I am serving others, and I thank God for giving me the strength to continue working for my people.”

Nicaragua Boaco Camoapa Program
Led by World Renew and Local Partner Asociación Cristiana de Jóvenes de Nicaragua (ACJ)

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