Growing Vegetables with Nutrition in Mind

Thanks to the Kendua program’s emphasis on nutrition and environmentally friendly agriculture, a farmer named Mr. Alam declares, “Our food habits have changed, and we, our wives and our children are healthier.”

Most of the villagers in the program are farmers who’ve always used traditional methods. They mostly grew rice to satisfy their families’ hunger, and did not think about nutrition. The few who produced vegetables only sold them for profit. Women did not get enough nutritious food during pregnancy and did not go to health facilities for pre-natal care and checkups, and babies and children suffered as well.

Local partner SATHI forms model farmers’ groups whose members receive training on composting, making worm compost, vegetable farming, organic pesticides, and raising poultry.  The trained famers are encouraged to share their learning with others in their communities, and many grow enough to sell in the local markets. Some of the farmers have played vital leadership roles, and their success has been the driving force in motivating other famers in growing and consuming vegetables for their nutrition. Now the whole community has started growing and eating vegetables to improve their health, well-being, and incomes. 

Bangladesh Kendua Program
Led by World Renew and Local Partner SATHI

Based on a report by Lipy Dhuni. Photo credit: Lipy Dhuni

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