Healthy Children and a Mother’s Happy Heart

Just when they needed it most, Shahin and her family got life-changing support from the program. She and her husband have three daughters and two sons ranging in age from 14 to three. All but the youngest are in school, and her husband is a day laborer at a local jute mill.

It’s mostly been a challenge to keep the family healthy because they haven’t always had enough food. It was so bad that, when local partner BICWS was doing a door-to-door health assessment, they found that Shahin’s youngest daughter was severely malnourished and had to be admitted to the hospital for a six-month treatment. Says Shahin, “I’m grateful to tell you she is well now.”

BICWS invited her to enroll in its food security and nutrition program alongside other women in a “mothers group.” One of the most important things they learn is how to make “lito pitho,” a complete-protein super flour, by grinding together two types of legumes and one type of whole grain. They cook it into a tasty porridge and mix it with fruit or vegetables they grow in the kitchen gardens the program encourages them to plant.

With this wholesome food, says Shahin, “My little one has stayed well, and all of us are healthier. Therefore, from my heart, I am so thankful and happy that this program came to help me when I was surrounded by so many problems.”

Thanks to Your Support and Generosity

  • 85% of participating families now have a healthier diet of at least three food groups twice a day
  • 633 mothers have been trained in kitchen gardening
  • The percentage of children under five in the program area with low weight-for-height has decreased from 50% to 33%

Nepal Bhatigachh Program
Led by Mennonite Central Committee and Local Partner BICWS

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