Local Folks Grows Hope with Maple Syrup

It’s maple syrup season, and as Ohio is ranked fourth in US production of maple syrup production, it’s a sure bet you’ve seen trees tapped throughout the community. But did you know that a group of dedicated folks in Hiram are harvesting maple syrup to support farmers in communities around the world?

For the seventh consecutive season, members of Hiram Christian Church have begun the arduous task of collecting and processing sap, then selling the syrup to raise funds for Growing Hope Globally. Jon Moody, one of the project organizers, shared, “With the money we raise, Growing Hope Globally works with rural families around the world to provide training and tools to small farmers. GHG programs enable these farmers to become self-sufficient and resilient in their farming practices to meet the challenges of weather changes and soil degradation, providing lasting solutions to hunger.

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