Meet Curtis Veiock

I’m thrilled to introduce myself as the newest member of the Growing Hope Globally family. My name is Curtis Veiock, and I reside in East Palestine, Ohio. I will be serving as Regional Director, working with current Growing Projects in Ohio, Pennsylvania and on the East Coast and helping some new groups to get started.

My professional journey has predominantly unfolded on the livestock side, with a focus on dairy and beef cattle nutrition, as well as herd and farm management. Additionally, I bring a background in controlled environment agriculture, where I’ve cultivated specialty crops year-round in a greenhouse setting. Armed with a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture, specializing in Agricultural Systems Management from The Ohio State University, I remain actively engaged in my local community. I’m a proud member of the Ohio Farm Bureau, involved in the county agricultural society, and hold positions in the Farm Science Review/Farm Operations Alumni Society and as a deacon at Connecting Life Church in North Lima, Ohio.

While my recent experience in controlled environment agriculture was fulfilling, my heart yearned to be more deeply immersed in conventional agriculture, working closely with people on a regular basis. Joining Growing Hope Globally aligns perfectly with my passion and aspirations. I’m eager to contribute to making a difference in alleviating world hunger and to be actively involved in my faith and local community.

What excites me most about this opportunity is the chance to bridge my agricultural expertise with my commitment to faith and community service.  I look forward to partnering with church communities, engaging with local FFA groups, and working together to make a significant impact in reducing global hunger. I’m eager to dive in, learn, and collaborate with each of you. I can’t wait to contribute to the incredible work that Growing Hope Globally is doing. Here’s to a fulfilling journey ahead!

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