Michigan Agricultural Commodities offers matching Gift of Grain program

As harvest progresses throughout the state, locally owned Michigan Agricultural Commodities, Inc. (MAC) is offering an opportunity for farmers to join in the support of two important organizations: Growing Hope Globally (formerly Foods Resource Bank) and the Michigan FFA Foundation.

The MAC mission focuses on honesty, reliability and growth. These two organizations develop growth, one with a focus on the growth of global food security programs to reduce hunger and one with a focus on the growth of future leaders in the agriculture industry.

Growing Hope Globally, formerly Foods Resource Bank, is an organization that links agriculture communities around the world with smallholder farmers in developing countries to grow lasting solutions to hunger. Since 1999, they have helped more than 1.6 million people become food secure.

The Michigan FFA Foundation Gifts of Grain is a program in which grain or other commodity crops are gifted to benefit the Michigan FFA Foundation. Donations support the leadership mission that FFA promotes and develops in its student members.

Grain at a MAC location can be gifted to either organization, who will be listed as the seller of the grain and receive the proceeds of the sale. MAC will be offering a matching gift program to double a grain donation.

A professional adviser for legal or tax advice specific to your situation should be consulted about financial questions.

MAC facility locations have the form available to donate grain. MAC invites all farmers to join in support of these important organizations.

MAC is a privately held corporation, which buys, sells, and stores agricultural commodities throughout the United States and Canada. Today, MAC is Michigan’s largest grain handler with seven elevators, almost 43 million bushels of storage and over 100 employees.

To learn more about this matching gift program, please contact your local MAC facility or email Erin Allen in the Lansing office at 445 N. Canal Rd, Lansing, MI 48917; 800-878-8900.

Source: Michigan Agricultural Commodities, Inc, Farm News Media; Michigan Farmer

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