Mount Pleasant growing project good for the soul

Harvest is always a busy time of year for farmers, but the harvest from one field in Mount Pleasant holds a special significance. The crops from the twenty acre plot of land next to the Contitech plant go to support a special cause; supporting hungry farmers around the world, so they can have the dignity of growing their own food.

This fall marked the 13th harvest of crops to support Growing Hope Globally (formerly Foods Resource Bank). Volunteers from, St. Alphonsus Church, First Presbyterian Church, Wellspring ELCA and Swedesburg Lutheran Church have come together each year to raise crops and funds to support this ecumenical ministry.

“We got started several years ago when we approached what was then Goodyear about the 20 acres of land they had next to the plant and we’ve just continued farming that ground.” said Duane Graber of Mount Pleasant shared. That land is now donated by Continental Conitech.

Each year volunteers coordinate the planting, spraying, and harvest of the field. After harvest the crops are sold and the funds go to support the ministry. Swedesburg Lutheran also holds an annual pancake breakfast to support the cause. This year Sinclaire Tractor donated the combine time and Gabiline Trucking donated the labor and transportation. Chem Gro donated the chemicals and Tyler Reese of Ag Venture donated the bean seed.

The money raised from the project supports programs around the world that are funded by Growing Hope Globally. The stories and reports from the programs are a motivation for those involved in the project. One example from last year funds went to supported the Nicaragua Rio Coco program, which is focused on providing education to mother’s so their children have enough to eat, and supports education on hygiene so their children have clean water to drink.

“We just want to help people help themselves, we want them to have better lives and for their kids to have lives too,” said Graber.

Over the past 13 years this community project has raised nearly $450,00 and helped 1,200 families. If you’d like to get involved contact committee member Duane Graber at (319) 750 2861.

Source: The Hawk Eye


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