No More Selling Solo

Rose is one of 17 newly-trained Marketing Private Service Providers who were challenged by the program to start ten marketing groups among farmers in their areas. The 19 women and 10 men who make up the Titukuke (which means “Let us Prosper”) marketing group, have already benefited from her guidance.

True to the program’s purpose of building business linkages by organizing farmers, Rose trained Titukuke members on record keeping, group management, and the wisdom of collective marketing rather than going it alone. Solo sellers put themselves at risk of being taken advantage of by buyers who offer much less than the farmgate prices established by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Using a printed directory of reputable produce buyers she received during her training, Rose and the farmers first coordinated collective sale of their red beans. In early September 2021 Titukuke sold 4,400 pounds of beans at the farmgate price, for a total of $2,170.

“I have become a good facilitator on collective marketing in my community,” Rose explained with a smile.

The group will focus on collective production and marketing of rice, red beans, and cow peas for the coming year.

“What I have done is to strengthen planning and bargaining power among all of my ten marketing groups. All our eyes are now on the 2021/22 agriculture season.”

This is particularly true for Rose herself, who will graduate from her training as a full Marketing Private Service Provider in June 2022.

Malawi Blantyre Program
Led by Catholic Relief Services and Local Partners District Agriculture Extension Coordinating Committee (DAECC) and Farmer Services Unit (FSU)

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