October 16 is World Food Day

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations was founded on this day in 1945 to serve as a Department of Agriculture for the global community. FAO’s most recent report stated that we have 690 million neighbors who are living in hunger. That is 9% of the earth’s population. These are our brothers and sisters, created in the image of God.

The World Food Program just reported that the number of people facing extreme hunger is expected to double in the face of conflict, climate change and COVID.

265 million image bearers of God might not survive because they do not have enough food to sustain their lives.

WFP was just awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. They are the world’s largest humanitarian agency. But even still, they only reach about 100 million people.

The Chair of the Nobel Committee said, “It’s not only providing foods, it’s about creating sustainable communities where the food production is exactly sustainable and can support its people.”

That is what we do at Growing Hope Globally. The programs we fund give people the dignity of growing their own food and providing for themselves. Building skills and empowering communities leads to positive change for a lifetime.

Let us conclude with a final number – One. God has called you to respond to this challenge. You are part of God’s plan to overcome hunger. Thank you for being one of the laborers God has called to help with the harvest.

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