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Conservation Agriculture Reclaims Worn Out Land

March 31, 2020

Thanks to conservation agriculture (CA) practices like mulching and applying manure, Justus, 26, is producing beans and eggplants on “worn out” land that had been abandoned by his parents. In fact, his beans have better yields than those his parents planted on the same day in a field they thought was much more fertile (see […]

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Training Leaders Makes Communities Stronger

March 30, 2020

While all of local partner AMC’s workshops bring a great deal of value to Matagalpa communities, for Raúl the most immediately useful one was on Leadership. A young father of two, Raúl is a natural leader, but when he was invited last year to join his village’s Leadership Committee, he accepted the role without training […]

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Learning New Ways to Grow Vegetables at the Farmer Field School

ACJ’s Farmer Field School is a place where farmers can learn and practice climate-smart agriculture techniques with their peers, and then take those practices home to use for their own families’ benefit. When Hector, an agronomist from ACJ, stopped by and invited a young farmer named Evelio to join the school he wasn’t very interested. […]

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Animal Raising Initiatives Bring New Opportunity

The field staff of local partner Proyecto Aldea Global has been busy giving training sessions of up to 40 hours each to 45 new program participants in six communities. They also follow up on the 46 families in seven other communities whose ventures have been up and running since 2018. Families may choose to raise […]

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Changing the Farming Methods of the Whole Village

March 27, 2020

Bhubneswar has the life he’d dreamed of. He is now earning a living as a Private Service Provider (PSP) – a cross between a university extension agent in the U.S. and an agriculture professional hired to carry out specialized work. He’d grown up using traditional farming methods and always wanted to become what he called […]

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Fishing and Farming for Food and Greater Income

A basic tenet of Growing Hope is to support food security programs that align with community needs and realities. This “Fishing and Farming” project (the first of its kind for us) focuses on APKF, an association of 58 fishers in Haiti’s Northwest who rely on fishing for their livelihood. APKF and local partner GRADAID have […]

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Brothers and Sisters of Different Faiths Face Challenges Together in Mexico

March 3, 2020

In addition to receiving training on climate-sensitive agriculture techniques, program participants are finding common ground with people of other faiths and genders. In Southern Mexico politicians have used religion to divide communities. These divisions make it almost impossible for small communities to successfully organize and access government services like clean water or health services. But […]

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Farmer-Led Innovations Reduce Soil Erosion

February 28, 2020

As a result of their own research, farmers in the program’s Innovation Groups are now aware that rainwater, along with their soil, only runs downhill if they allow it to. These groups are testing which methods are most effective in stopping soil erosion on the steep mountainsides they farm. The purpose of the project is […]

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The Road Out of Poverty and Malnutrition is Lined with Banana Plants

February 14, 2020

When the program decided to promote bananas instead of sweet potatoes for food and income, the Rwandan government provided training and banana suckers (shoots) and committed to monitoring for diseases and pests. Program participants learned how to grow, use and market bananas at two hands-on farmer field schools before beginning production at home. Ninety percent […]

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