Raising Small Animals for Better Nutrition, More Income

Small-animal micro-businesses are helping 60 families in 12 communities in Central Honduras reduce child malnutrition and get ahead. Training and support for raising pigs, chickens, tilapia, and honeybees allows them to produce more food and supplement what they earn from wage work on area coffee, sugarcane and cattle farms. Planting small vegetable gardens improves their overall nutritional diversity and ensures food is available for good health year-round.

Participant families are selected on the basis of need, although they must have enough land around their homes and the means to build pens, ponds and other small infrastructure to house and feed the animals and plant gardens. The families receive follow-up visits from local partner staff.

Thanks to your generosity and support

  • Families strengthen their food security by consuming the eggs, meat, fish, honey and vegetables they produce, and passing on the offspring of animals to share the benefits of better nutrition in the community
  • Malnutrition in under-five children is decreasing because of the protein and vegetables in their meals
  • Selling their products in new markets and community fairs brings in income to households of otherwise limited means

Honduras Comayagua Program
Led by Church of the Brethren and Local Partner Proyecto Aldea Global


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