Reliable Access to Markets Is Key

Thoeun, a model farmer since 2017, was chosen to be a Community Agriculture Business Advisor for her producer group, “Safe Vegetable.” She was selected based on her high commitment, hard work on the farm, and her capacity to learn about markets.

In her role, Thoeun provides training and coaching on agriculture techniques to the group’s 10 members. She also helps them develop a production and marketing plan and find market opportunities. Reliable market access can boost productivity, increase incomes, strengthen food security and reduce poverty and hunger for smallholder farm families in rural communities.

She successfully negotiated with a few local shops at the commune level which have agreed to buy products from her group. As the group’s leader, Thoeun has encouraged members to increase their product range to include chickens in order to meet market demand. They also raise amaranth, morning glory, cucumber, long bean, garlic, chili, and lemongrass.

Local partner OREDA, in cooperation with a government program, has organized a weekend market and provides stores for producer groups to sell from. “Safe Vegetable” sends two or three members there every week, and they’ve averaged between $150 to $200 per week in sales – good money!

The “Safe Vegetable” group is delighted with this extra opportunity and the support they receive from the provincial authority. Thoeun says they are optimistic that the group will eventually be able to count on a steady income from the local stores and the weekend market.

Cambodia South Program
Led by World Renew and Local Partners OREDA and KADRA

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