Self-Help Groups Empower Women

Meena’s exceptional patience, perseverance and courage are inspiring members of her Women’s Self Help Group to emulate her in putting into practice everything they learn from the program.
When her husband became seriously ill, Meena took over leadership of the household and even got work as a day laborer to keep the family at least minimally fed and her husband in treatment. She told the village elders she wanted to work, and that’s when she was invited to join the group.
She immediately saw potential in all the agriculture training she received, learning to grow something in all seasons. In addition to being able to feed her family with vegetables from her kitchen garden, she’s made good money from cash crops of bitter gourd and cauliflower. She’s even become a “para-vet,” working under a veterinarian to maintain the health of local livestock, and is also a community mobilizer.
She used loans from her savings and lending group for medical treatment for her husband. Now mostly recovered, he helps with the house and children, and together they have taken up full-time farming. She does not have to supplement their income with day labor. Meena has equal access to and ownership of their money, house and land. He has never doubted her capabilities, and is proud that she serves as an inspiration for the women around her.

Thanks to Your Support and Generosity

  • Agriculture training provides women and families with a variety of options for growing nutritious food and earning incomes.
  • Village Savings and Lending groups help members save money and take out small loans with low interest to improve their farms and households, cover health needs, and get their children in school.
  • Women develop skills, gain confidence in their abilities and make a real difference in their
    communities and families.

Led by Lutheran World Relief and Local Partner PRADAN

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