Stronger Individuals, Families, Communities

The India Umsning program officially ended in June 2022. Has it been a success? Let’s take a look at some of the results and see.

Overall, 90% of participant households have adequate food and improved their nutrition because of a greater availability of vegetables, fruit, cereals and protein. They’ve done this through dedication to improving their lives and incomes, training, working together as couples and in Self-Help and Farmers Groups, and joining Federations to market their production. They use sustainable farming techniques, raise livestock, grow organic vegetables in their kitchen gardens, and run small businesses. Women have made an important contribution to their families’ wellbeing, and have become respected members of their villages.

What about individually?

Danghun and Dril’s family used to suffer hunger months each year after they finished all the rice they grew.  Now they use the System of Rice Intensification and they’re able to grow a lot more.  They also have vegetables, meat and income all year that make hunger months a thing of the past.

Tngenlang and her husband work together as coequals on their diversified farm, where they grow rice and vegetables and raise pigs. She took out a loan from her savings group and started a small grocery in their home, selling necessities along with their excess production. The family’s health has improved with good nutrition from organic farming, and working together has strengthened their marriage.

Omita says, “This sloping land was once barren, and our only income was from my husband’s carpentry work outside the village. Now we use the land to great advantage, he works on the farm with me, and we have several sources of income.” A farming system called Sloping Agricultural Land Technology has helped them control erosion by planting fruit trees and other nitrogen fixing trees in rows along the contours.  They also sell pineapples from those slopes. Ormita inspires other women to achieve greater confidence in their abilities. Her husband proudly says his wife has become more knowledgeable, well-connected, and forward-looking.

India Umsning Program
Led by World Renew and Local Partner NEICORD

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