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Renewing Rural Churches

February 17, 2021

It is no secret that rural communities have had more than their share of challenges over the last decades, and that often includes the churches in those communities. The church I serve, Wiley Heights Covenant Church outside of Yakima, Washington, is not without its own challenges of navigating how to do ministry well in this […]

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Local Partner Continues Work as Program Ends

September 17, 2020

As this multi-year program comes to an end, there is much to celebrate. The local partner, Center for Experimentation and Training in Agriculture (CEFA) is in a strong position to forge ahead on its own. In this country of 4.6 million souls spread over 240,535 square miles, CEFA is one of the few organizations present […]

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Cooperation and Ingenuity Help Program and Participants Alike

September 12, 2019

Local partner ACET and program participants continue to achieve wonders in spite of challenges like drought and the ever-present dangers of political and religious conflict. The Gamboula program in CAR is one of only a handful of international organizations that offer any kind of support in a country of 4.75 million people. So staff and […]

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