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Preventing Poultry Disease

February 3, 2022

Unuwas, after receiving training on vaccinating chickens against a devastating yet preventable disease, says, “Today I am very happy. I now have the answer to my questions on what kills our chickens, and I have the solution as well.” The most recent rainy season in Tanzania’s northeast was very short, causing significant reductions in farm […]

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A Ray of Hope Mitigates Desperation

November 3, 2021

Amna has found reason for hope amidst the suffering she and the other residents of the Gaza Strip have endured due to the latest military escalation in May 2021. She, her husband and their 10 children were selected by the local committee to participate in the rabbit breeding program after their two-bedroom, tin-roofed home was […]

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Community Solidarity During Pandemic

June 28, 2021

The success of Doña Guadalupe’s small family farm has made a big difference to her community. Even before the start of the pandemic, neighbors who were not yet engaged in the program took note of how Doña Guadalupe’s family worked together at practices like improving their soil with the droppings of their chickens and goats. […]

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Local Farmers Reap the Benefits of Training

December 22, 2020

The incidence of COVID-19 has been fairly low in Burkina Faso, so the staff of local partner ODE has been able to pay monitoring visits. A few of the farmers open up here about their experiences. Ms. Louta: We have been working on this maize field for years with meager harvests. But today, applying new […]

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Home Gardens: A Blessing During the Pandemic

December 16, 2020

The fear and disruption of COVID-19 and the rising violence against women and girls has made their lives much harder than they already were, but one thing is making them a little easier: home gardens. Early on Judith, a farmer and local leader, stood out as someone keenly interested in learning about environmentally sensitive food […]

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Experience and Initiative to the Rescue

While many program activities have been canceled because of the pandemic, practices that participants have already adopted are helping to keep them afloat during these most challenging times. In June 2020, local partner INESIN paid a masked and socially-distanced visit to Manuela’s village. Manuela invited them to see how her greenhouse is working for her. […]

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Rabbits Provide Protein During Difficult Times

November 16, 2020

After 14 years of siege by land, air and sea, the economy of the Gaza Strip is crippled, resulting in high levels of poverty, unemployment, food insecurity and aid dependency. COVID-19 adds yet another layer of complexity to the already precarious lives of its inhabitants. Mennonite Central Committee’s rabbit breeding program has long been a […]

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