The Hope We Hold and The Hope We Bring

Hope applies to both sides of our organization. Webster says, “Hope is the desire and expectation of good – as ‘my hope is that you succeed.”

As a farmer, I became a little depressed and concerned over the summer because we received over 14 inches of rain in 20 days. But I held onto hope that the sun would shine, the temps would rise, and the Lord would give us a good harvest. After 44 years at this occupation I know we can always have Hope.

Hope that is practiced becomes assurance. This is the type of hope we can give to our program participants. Even more important than this Hope is the spiritual or eternal Hope we can give these individuals and families. We know from experience when they see God’s hand in providing for their daily needs, they will often begin to worship Him, That’s the greatest Hope I have as a member of this organization.

Submitted by: Harley Buys, Board Member and Growing Project Leader, Edgerton, MN

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