Welcome Kaylyn Morse!

Kaylyn and her husband Tobin are both from Colorado where their families still reside along the front range. After getting married last summer, Kaylyn and Tobin moved to Manhattan, Kansas where he works with the USDA. Kaylyn recently graduated from the University of Denver with her Master of Social Work degree with a concentration in Sustainable Development and Global Practice.

Kaylyn will be working with Growing Projects in Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri and Southwest Iowa and Overseas programs in Latin America.

What drew you to Growing Hope Globally?

I get truly excited about the Growing Project model. I love that Growing Hope empowers communities from both ends. From the Growing Project side, participants are deeply involved in their community and the giving process. From the Overseas Program side, communities are cultivating meaningful and sustainable solutions to hunger. This approach really drew me in to Growing Hope Globally as an organization.

On top of that, this role feels like a culmination of all my different passions coming together seamlessly. I am excited that this position can be oriented around my faith, while allowing me to pursue my interests in relationship building, international development, and food security.

What are you most excited about as you start your new role?

My short answer would simply be the human beings. I am most excited about getting to know so many inspiring folks through this role. I am humbled to join a team of people who are living out their purpose to serve others. I am excited to connect and build relationships with people from so many different backgrounds who share a common mission. I am ready to show up as a learner and grow with the individuals doing this work.

What past experiences have you had that have prepared you for your work at Growing Hope Globally?

I credit my small town roots, my faith, my family, and my social work background for preparing me to do this work. I was raised in a small, rural town in Colorado. I have always felt a connection to agriculture as I grew up gardening, raising horses and chickens, and visiting my relative’s small farm.

I originally became interested in international development work from watching my father deploy to global emergencies as an officer in the US Public Health Service.

During college, I was blessed with the opportunity to study abroad in Indonesia and Italy, which sparked a passion for travelling internationally. I pursued a Master’s degree in social work and was able to find my niche in sustainable development and global practice.

I have held previous roles with community organizations in Colorado, including immigration services, youth mentorship, and intimate partner violence services. Through my personal faith and social work background, I have developed a desire to know others deeply and collaborate in meaningful ways.

What else might the Growing Hope Globally family want to know about you?

In my spare time, you can find me playing basketball or music! I would love to chat about either!

Although we share the same last name, I am not related to former Growing Hope Globally staff person Alex Morse.

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