What We Give Is Confidence

Dwight Rohrer is a new member of the Growing Hope Globally Board and has contributed to the Lancaster, Pennsylvania Growing Project for sixteen years. Each year, he donates three acres of his land to the Growing Project which has raised over $158,000 since its start in 2004.

Dwight’s desire to continue contributing to his community’s Growing Project stems from his experience travelling to the Honduras El Paraiso project with Growing Hope more than a decade ago. “What I left there saying is, what we gave these people is confidence in themselves. The confidence that, hey, we can do this ourselves.” Dwight believes in giving our global neighbors the knowledge and resources they need to be productive long into the future, instead of providing them solely with grain or food to eat for a short amount of time. The Lancaster Growing Project has enabled hundreds of people living in hunger to break the cycle of poverty and lead a healthier, more productive life.

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