Women’s Success Decreases Domestic Abuse

Domestic violence is on the rise around the world – yet another side effect of the COVID-19 pandemic.  However, women in West Pokot are reporting a reduction in what is known locally as “home feuds.”

Women are being empowered as part of their agricultural and business efforts.  This is bringing about a notable reduction in domestic violence.  Because of their success, the women are able to meet their families’ needs, enlist their spouses’ cooperation, and reduce disputes.

This was the experience of Clementina, who said that she used to have constant conflicts with her husband, especially when she approached him for money to help run the household. She says, “Poverty and our inability to make ends meet were the source of the fights.” However, with training in more productive ways to raise and harvest maize and vegetables, she was able to start pulling in some income of her own by selling her excess produce. Using those profits, she bought two goats and now has milk for her family and to sell in the community. She also earned enough to buy 5 sheets of metal roofing and is in the process of building a small house, which she plans to expand as soon as she can afford more materials and additional roofing.

Her husband has been deeply impressed with her skills, business savvy and income and has become friendly toward her again. If she needs to ask him for money, he is willing to give it to her now because she has also been helping him. As Clementina puts it, “Since we started sharing household burdens, we are a happy couple.”

Philipine Kidulah, the director of local partner Jitokeze Wamama Wafrika, says, “I have a deep sense of joy and gratitude when I reflect on all we’ve been able to accomplish despite the pandemic. We’ve trained more than 800 farmers, and it’s good to see them applying their skills to improve their wellbeing. These are the results of our long-term investment in the communities.”

Kenya West Pokot Program
Led by Evangelical Covenant Church – Covenant World Relief and Local Partner Jitokeze Wamama Wafrika

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