In the Montes de Maria region of Northern Colombia, local markets are closed. The normally bustling streets are silent, and many families feel the pangs of hunger after skipping another meal. COVID-19 has brought unprecedented challenges to vulnerable communities across the country and around the world. Health systems have been overwhelmed and economies upended. Those who already live in poverty are suffering most.

Things are far from easy for participants in the local Growing Hope Globally program, but there is hope. These families are faring better than their neighbors, thanks to the training they have received. They are using sustainable practices to grow more than enough food to meet their needs, and using new marketing strategies to sell surplus produce. Now others want to learn these methods, so that their families will also have enough food during these challenging times.

For more than 20 years we have worked alongside our partners, helping people to improve their incomes and food security. Loving our global neighbors by investing in their God-given gifts and encouraging them to build upon their resources has been the right approach since the beginning. Now — in the face of a global pandemic — it is still the best approach.

Growing Hope Globally offers you the opportunity to live out your faith and give people around the world the dignity of providing for themselves. Building skills and empowering communities leads to positive change for a lifetime.

Will you please join us in loving our global neighbors by making a gift? Your help can make these life-changing programs available to more people. Until year-end, your donation will be matched two to one. Your support will ensure the long-term health of Growing Hope and the programs we support. With your contribution, our current programs can grow and more can begin.

Thank you for loving your neighbor!





Please give generously before December 31, so that we can unlock the full match of $150,000 and grow more lasting solutions to hunger.