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World Renew

Program Summary

Chronic malnutrition is a major challenge in Bangladesh where 57% of the poorest segments of society do not meet their nutritional needs. A recent survey conducted near the target area for this program revealed that child stunting was over 40% in children 0-2 years of age. The program is improving nutrition to address these issues and increase food security. Farmers are being trained on kitchen gardening with a focus on environmentally friendly agriculture practices. World Renew and local partner SATHI have an excellent history of implementing integrated community development programs that are built around a self-help group structure, similar to the approach being taken in this program.

Program Update: Khadija's Story

Success Stories

Empowering Women Leads to Food Security

Traditionally, women in Kendua are not allowed to go outside the home for agriculture or any other activities, but Zahanara is breaking barriers. With the support and encouragement of her husband, she is making great strides as a model farmer, para-vet, and community influencer.

On the invitation of local partner SATHI, Zahanara joined a female farmers group in 2017 and began her education in agriculture. She put her training into practice and began growing vegetables in a kitchen garden near her home, using natural pest management and compost to improve her soil and the quality of the produce. Soon she was selected to be a model farmer and underwent more rigorous training, passing along the valuable information she learned to her group members and other farmers in the community. She also made sure to share her learning with her husband. Together they produced more vegetables than anyone else, and were proud that they did it organically. Because of the couple’s greater yields, decreased production costs, and increased income, many of their neighbors began duplicating their practices.

With profits from her vegetable sales, Zahanara began buying hens and ducks so she could raise poultry as a small business. She learned to vaccinate the birds, and performs this service for the community as well. Her family’s nutrition and finances have been improved by the vegetables, eggs and meat. They are able to find a ready market for any surplus eggs and produce they don’t eat. Zahanara, her husband, and their four children work together to improve their physical and financial health as a family. This is a great example of how empowering women increases food security for everyone.

Bangladesh Kendua Program
Led by World Renew and Local Partner SATHI