Cambodia Cambodia Mondulkiri


$78,337 needed of $85,000

Implementing Organization

World Hope International (WHI)

Program Summary

This program is focused on innovation and aims to improve on farm returns to farmers and provide local employment opportunities for youth. It is integrated with a larger, on-going progrogram called “Resilience Among Indigenous Bunong Women and Youth in Keo-Seima Wildlife Sanctuary (and Beyond)”.

This program is promoting market-driven, climate-smart agriculture practices to enhance Bunong traditional farming systems and piloting alternative livelihoods in selected villages in Mondulkiri province of Eastern Cambodia along the Vietnamese border. In addition, key engagement of youth for entrepreneurship and life skills training are part of this pilot program

The program is beginning wtih on-farm trials for the first 2 years to consider how growing seasons affect production and market before results are applied to many target areas in Mondulkiri Province and beyond.

Below are the expected outcomes and activities to achieve the goal.

Goal: Bunong farmers are recognized throughout Cambodia as producers of quality, safe agricultural products that are produced in a sustainable manner.

Expected Outcome 1: Bunong farmers have the skills necessary to grow horticultural crops that meet the market requirements of quality, safety and sustainable production.
Expected Outcome 2. Bunong farmers are linked to markets through appropriate sized enterprises.
Expected Outcome 3. The Bunong brand is recognized and trusted by Cambodian consumers.