Haiti Haiti Jean Rabel

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Implementing Organization

Church World Service (CWS)

Program Summary

Growing Hope Globally and Church World Service have partnered for several years to support families in the Northwest Department of Haiti.  The Northwest is one of the most food insecure areas in Haiti.  Due to the lack of paved roads, there are few nonprofits working there to support families as they face the challenges of both frequent droughts and hurricanes. The current phase of programming is being carried out in partnership with a local association called AGEHPMDNG and is working in five communities.

The program is focused on soil conservation, reclaiming 60 hectares of land, so that the ground can be used for agroforestry activities.  Families are also being supported in veterinary services and access to better breeding stock.  Cisterns are being constructed so families can capture rainwater, both for farming and for household consumption.

Animals, Agriculture & Adaptation in Haiti

Success Stories

Great Achievement Despite Crisis After Crisis

Thanks to the dedication of participants and local partner alike, the goals of the two-year program that focused on animals, agriculture and adaptation were met according to plan!

When seen against the backdrop of all that’s been happening in Haiti over the last two years, their achievement becomes even more remarkable. Among the countrywide and worldwide challenges they had to contend with were:

– Persistent political instability
– COVID pandemic
– Wild monetary fluctuations
– Crisis or emergency food insecurity in nearly half the population
– Hurricane Elsa and Tropical Storm Grace within four days of each other
– Presidential assassination
– Gang violence and kidnappings
– Devastating increases in prices of food, transportation, and fuel

Yet 500 farm families applied soil conservation techniques that not only created temporary employment for 182 people but also reduced erosion, protected the soil, reduced risks of drought and flooding, and increased agricultural yields. Digging 6,500 feet of contour canals and building 3,300 feet of rock walls secured farmland, and tanks atop the homes of 12 families gave access to water.

According to a farmer named Agelus, “This is the first time in my life that I’ve received support from an organization to help me apply soil conservation techniques on my land. I would not have the money to pay people to dig even just 3 contour canals, let alone to build rock walls. But [local partner] AGEHPMDNG made 17 contour canals on my land possible. Thank you.”

François, another farmer, said, “The soil conservation work is very important, because my farmland will be protected against erosion, and I can expect an increase in yields in the future.”

Haiti Jean Rabel Program
Led by Church World Service and Local Partner AGEHPMDNG