Honduras Honduras Macuelizo


$93,856 needed of $205,267

Implementing Organization

Church World Service (CWS)

Program Summary

Honduras has the highest vulnerability in the world for natural disasters such as floods, landslides, droughts and forest fires. Building on work begun in 2008, in the Honduras Nueva Frontera program, CASM has started to expand into neighboring municipalities and counties as they continue to make a wide impact on food security in the Santa Barbara department. This program promotes natural resource protection and implements conservation practices to improve agricultural production and mitigate the effects of climate change. This program also promotes crop diversification to improve diet, nutrition and income. Local alliances are formed with a wide variety of groups that help to strengthen food chains, organize advocacy efforts that promote the rights of children, and reduce violence in the communities. Youth are encouraged to participate in activities that highlight the protection of the environment and natural resources.

Success Stories

Improving Family, Community and Environmental Health

Families participating in the Macuelizo program in Honduras – the country with the highest propensity for natural disaster in the world! – discuss some of the ways their lives have improved with support from local partner CASM.

The Ramirez family says that “CASM is the first organization that has directly helped families in our community. Ever.  We have especially benefited from adopting techniques for contour farming on slopes, and other conservation agriculture practices. We feel encouraged to grow healthy foods and make changes to our home hygiene so our children can grow up strong and well.”

The Garcías say,CASM has helped us diversify the crops we are growing, in a way that’s not harmful to the environment. Today we learned how to make organic fertilizer [pictured]. We’ve harvested more, and the food we eat is varied and more nutritious. This program increases our faith and confidence.”

The head of the Melara family comments on the support and encouragement his community has received on approaching their municipal government for infrastructure: “ As a leader of the community, it brings me great joy to see the completion of our aqueduct repair project. Now we are able to improve sanitation in the community, reduce the spread of illness and supply clean water to people’s homes.”

And the Mejía family speaks for all when they say,God bless those who donated to this program!”

Honduras Macuelizo

Led by Church World Service and Local Partner CASM