Myanmar Nyaungdon


$37,057 needed of $100,000

Implementing Organization

Catholic Relief Services (CRS)

Program Summary

The dual challenges of COVID-19 and political unrest ihave made life difficult for farmers in Myanmar.  Even before these challenges arose, agricultural extension services were limited.  Since February 2021, those services have completely halted. In addition, challenges with linkages between farmers and market actors means that access to key agricultural inputs as well as opportunities to sell crops at harvest have been limited.  Farmers have to figure out the market information by themselves, although many lack access to market information.

In order to address this situation, CRS and KMSS Yangon are helping farmers to build their knowledge of improved cultivation methods that reflect changing weather patterns and natural resource management in order to improve resilience and food security. At the village level, farmer producer groups are being established to improve the access to market information and market engagement.  The program is also promoting nutrition-sensitive homestead gardening, which is intended to improve dietary diversity and promote gender-equitable behaviors at the household level.