Nicaragua Nicaragua Estelí


$46,717 needed of $100,000

Implementing Organization

Catholic Relief Services (CRS)

Program Summary

Estelí is located in Central America’s Dry Corridor, a region that stretches from Guatemala to Western Nicaragua.  This area represents one of the places most affected by climate change over the last two decades.  Seasons are getting both hotter and dryer.  Precipitation is increasingly sporadic and when it does come it is intense, washing away topsoil and providing little benefit to the crops small holder farmers are growing.

The Diocesan Caritas of Estelí is working with families to help them adapt to these changes through the promotion of water smart agricultural practices and practices that increase the organic matter content in soils.  These techniques build soil health over time, leading to increased yields.  Crop diversification will improve families’ diets. Training on marketing surplus crops and the formation of savings and lending (SILC) groups will help families improve their incomes and launch new small businesses.

Update from the Field - Nicaragua Estelí